To cover any shortfall in the body, we can cover it with the clothes we wear. Because the

clothes reflect the spirit and character of the wearer. The function of clothing is it cover the

shortfall in addition to adding beauty as well as the wearer’s body.

-The various line :

Lines is one element of design that will improve body shape in clothing design. The line is often

called a silhouette. Silhouette of clothing can also be called out or limit the shape of the


Expert mode’s silhouettes are clustered based on shapes. Shapes that exist in nature, based on

the fall of material and age. In fashion design, which restricts the form of a line structure or


a.) The Lines based on direction:

1. Vertical lines

Vertical Lines that extends the line. This

line has a strong sense of nature, tall. For

Wearer can give the impression of height,

slim and balance.

2. Horizontal lines

Horizontal line has a calm nature, passive and 

stable also effect the horizontal alignment

of the wearer, which gives the impression of

fattening, dilate and rearing. Horizontal lines

used to fit the thin person, when used will

look fat.

3. Diagonal Lines

Diagonal lines is a line slanting to the right and

left, has the nature of moving, dynamic and varied.

If the slope is vertical direction it will give the

impression of raised. Diagonal line have the effect

of soft, lively, happy for the wearer. Diagonal line

can be worn thin people and fat and will give the

impression of raising or fattening in accordance

with the slope of the diagonal.

b.) The lines based on the way to make.

1. Formal lines

Lines that officially made using drawing tools and measuring instrument. Formal lines give

the impression does not reflect the personality of the wearer.

2. Un formal lines

Made on the basic of the wishes of the maker without measuring instruments. The lines

will give the impression of an individual according to the character of its maker.


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