How to Take Measurements

          How to Take Measurements - In order to make a good and a precise model, it is very important to take the exactly right measurements.
         The person being measured must be standing straight, wearing only underwear, with his legs together and with his arms tightly close to his body.
        The measurements below are taken and used for constructing basic models for skirts, shirts, sleeves, dresses, jackets and pants(trousers).

1.    Total height
2.    Neckline length
3.   Shoulder to bust point length
4.    Shoulder to udder bust length
5. Front shoulder to waist length
6. Back shoulder to waist length
7. Waist to midwaist length
8. Waist to hip length
9. Waist to knee length
10. Waist to ankle length
11. Bust volume
12. Brest point distance
13. Waist to armpit length
14. Upper bust circumference
15. Bust circumference
16. Udder bust circumference
17. Waist circumference
18. Mid waist circumference
19. Hip circumference
20. Neck circumference
21. Upper-arm circumference
22. Elbow circumference
23. Wrist circumference
24. Thigh circumference
25. Knee circumference
26. Ankle circumference
27. Inner leg length
28. Waist to waist length

Note: The measurements must be just right, there mustn’t be any looseness

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