How do draw or draft basic T-shirt Pattern?

1. Block - First make a rectangle using body length and half chest

2. Neck width - Put halfneck point in y-axis from your left side corner.
                         (Always use clockwise direction for drafting )

3. Neck drop - Put back neck drop and front neck drop point in x-axis.

4. Shoulder -Then to mark shoulder, put half shoulder in y-axis and shoulder slop in x-axis.

5. Armhole - Draw a diaganale line from shoulder point to chest line using the measurment armhole straight.

6. Shaping - Now connect all marked points and then make curve for neck and armhole.
                   The neckcurve must be smooth and half-moon shape. Armhole curve must be U-shape.
                   For armhole shaping, u can use French curve Scale.

Use of Half-Pattern or Folded Pattern : To maintain symmetrical structure view. Know more about symmetric

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